About Sabrina Studios

Sabrina Studios is the name of people with big aspirations, and also our founders first name. We want to achieve great things with our name. It has been a long process to where we are now, but we are finally here launching what we are, and our amazing products.

We were created in 2014 with one goal.

Bring happiness to people.

We present clothing that is brave and fresh. We want to stay ahead of the trends to make sure we always have something new and unique for our customers. We also want to provide a trustworthy and reliable website that provides the highest quality products.

We are based in the capital of Norway and ship directly from Europe. Our quality is important to us, so we always make sure it is up to our standards. The Sabrina Studios team is full of young people with dreams, visions and hopes. We set our goals high, and intend to work hard until we complete them.

Check our social media for more information about us or feel free to send us an email.